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Request for a beta for a Part 2 of a Deryni fic. [27 Jun 2009|02:53pm]

In an effort to restimulate some interest in this comm, and in the wonderful world of Deryni, I've written a 3 part series.

I'm working on the edits of part 2 of My Deryni Fic, The Needs of a King, and was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a beta for me.   This part, part 2 is a little over 1100 words before final edit, and is more R rated than part 1, but still no NC-17.  Part 3 is hand writen and hopefully will be typed sometime today.  I'll need a beta on that as well.  Part 3 is needless to say, very angsty.   The pairing is King Kelson,soon after Brion's death and his squire Richard Fitz William.

Any interest drop me a line here, and I'll be glad to give you my email.

Thanks muchly.

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[09 Jun 2009|06:58pm]

Is anyone still active on this communtiy.  I recently rediscovered The Deryni books, having read them the first time over 30 years ago.  I'm thinking of writing some Deryni fic.  Is this stil the place to post it?  There are rumours of a movie being made which should get some renewed interest.

Hopefully it's okay to post questions of these type here, without causing distress.
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[14 May 2006|01:36am]

He'd served the Camberian Council, he'd served The King, he'd even served (after a fashion) the church. He'd spent the greater majority of more than one life with his knees bent and head bowed in homage and subserviance, but mostly he'd kept to his knees in prayer.

He'd seen what happened to Deryni priests in the burning of the one who would have gone before him. He'd felt the hand of God when he'd drank from the same posioned cup and been spared. He'd seen his purpose laid before him and been a tool for that purpose.

He'd served many, loved many, and lost many.

He only had one master, just as he had but one purpose.

That Master was God and the cause was His.
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[24 Apr 2006|10:11am]

Title: Vows
Era: Kelson-era
Pairing: Morgan/Kelson
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Not alone is harder than it sounds
AN: For becky_h
SPOILERS: For The Bishop’s heir. Missing scene from King’s Justice (*cough* I note that this obviously *isn’t* a missing scene, but the scene it’s continued off of is in King’s Justice)

VowsCollapse )
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[22 Feb 2006|06:03am]

Title: Thank God
Author: Becky
Characters: Duncan and Brion
Warning: Not really
Rating: PG-13, just because
Summary: Duncan sets Brion free.
Word count: 283
Author's Notes: There's no plot. It's nearly meta. It's short. It's un-beta'd. It was a nice warm-up for me.
He was dead.Collapse )
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[21 Feb 2006|08:40pm]

I'm working on getting the community set up and promoted.

In the meanwhile, who's your favorite character? Why?

Show us with a character sketch, short piece of fiction, an essay. Heck, just tell us.

No one likes an empty community. (Well, I don't.)
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