Becky (becky_h) wrote in deryni_fic,

Title: Thank God
Author: Becky
Characters: Duncan and Brion
Warning: Not really
Rating: PG-13, just because
Summary: Duncan sets Brion free.
Word count: 283
Author's Notes: There's no plot. It's nearly meta. It's short. It's un-beta'd. It was a nice warm-up for me.

He was dead.

He was dying.

Worse, he was aware, and that knowledge alone nearly sent Duncan reeling back out of the once King's mind.

Only the importance of his task and the knowledge that it must be completed held him there, against pain, confusion, the corruption and a horror that was entirely Duncan's own.

The sense of duty to this man for whom he'd been confessor and whose son and friend watched as Duncan struggled to free him. He fought to break the cord that Charissa had woven, holding Brion in this decaying shell of a body.

Duncan stifled his disgust and steeled himself, reaching out with wordless comfort to soothe and coax what was left of Brion. Let familiarity, warmth, and trust reach where ordered thought could not.

The response when it came was desperate in its intensity. Like a drowning man clutching to his last chance at salvation Brion very nearly dragged them both beneath the icy darkness Charissa had damned her enemy to.

For a dizzying moment Duncan feared that Brion would condemn Duncan with him, in his near frenzied search for freedom, for release, or even for simple understanding. Duncan reeled backwards and now it was him who was flinching away from the contact...

...and it was Brion who was reaching out, who steadied Duncan and through the pain and fear and dark desperation understood. Trapped within that unending moment he understood who Duncan was and what he must do.

Brion stilled himself, the best he could, so that Duncan could complete his task.

For one shinning, fleet, moment there gratitude and relief, royal crimson and gold brushing against his mind in the lightest of touches.

And he was gone.

Thank God.
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