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Request for a beta for a Part 2 of a Deryni fic.

In an effort to restimulate some interest in this comm, and in the wonderful world of Deryni, I've written a 3 part series.

I'm working on the edits of part 2 of My Deryni Fic, The Needs of a King, and was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a beta for me.   This part, part 2 is a little over 1100 words before final edit, and is more R rated than part 1, but still no NC-17.  Part 3 is hand writen and hopefully will be typed sometime today.  I'll need a beta on that as well.  Part 3 is needless to say, very angsty.   The pairing is King Kelson,soon after Brion's death and his squire Richard Fitz William.

Any interest drop me a line here, and I'll be glad to give you my email.

Thanks muchly.

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What sort of beta are you looking for? I can do the usual typo/spelling/grammar thing but I can't guarantee to pick up OOC-ness as it is too long since I've read the first 3 Kelson books. I suppose I could remedy that and read them again as it isn't exactly a hardship to do so!

I missed the first part as I was away, too. *goes to read*
Typing, spelling and that kind of thing is always needed. I'm really, really bad at those things.

I don't get terribly concern about OOC, honestly. I write characters the way I see them, which is not always the way others see them. Also since Richard is really in the books so little, it's hard to really have an IC for him.

If you're interested after reading the first part the email add is emansil08@gmail.com. If not it's all good.

Hugs and glad to have some activity here. There's talk of a movie. Did you know? How exciting that could be.
Oh I'm still interested, I'll drop you an email.

As for a movie... I'm kind of dubious about what they might do with it. For every LOTR style success there is an Earthsea style failure.

Say they concerntrate on the Kelson stuff - have you any idea who you would like as what character? Budget and being dead would have no sway on your choices, pick whomever you want!

I think Peter Wingfield would make a great Arilan and Ian McKellan a pretty good Edmund Loris (though Richard Burton would have been fantastic).
Oh I know what you mean about the movie thing. It has such potential to go either way.

I'll have to thing on the characters and who should play them. Having only reread the first 2 books I'm only aware of those characters. I think perhaps a younger Liam Neeson as Morgan, Henry Caville as Nigel, but he may be a bit young.

I've no idea about Kelson, perhaps Skandar Keynes. A friend of mine got to hear Katherine Kurtz speak recently at a con, and she said the role of Kelson would more than likely be played by a relatively unknown.

The other characters I see in my head, but there are no corresonding actors to go with the vision in my head.
Did you ever get them written/edited? I clicked on your link to part 1, and am now curious to see the rest...
No, I'm so sorry to say. I've got part 2 95% written, and part 3 is coming along as well, but I seem to have a hit a snag. I actually had part 2 completely written then realized I had made some errors in canon. I felt i needed to write it over, and that's where I'm stuck.

I hope to return to this soon, I've been working on an HP fic that took what little writing time I had. Lord this is turning into a mighty long way to say. No I've not finished it yet. LOL.
ok, it is a month and more later, so I'm just checking in to see if it is done yet... :-)

(ok, really, I'm finally going through a back log of LJ e-mail notifications that I'd never deleted nor replied to on LJ, but if it encourages you to share a story...)
oh sorry, I kind of crashed regarding writing really bad about 6 weeks or so. I've not written a thing since then. I hope to finish this one day, once I get my confidence back, and my interest in writing.

so sorry to get you all prepped like that just to leave you hanging.

*hangs head in apology*
No worries, this is one of those things which should be done because it is fun. If it isn't fun for you just now, don't do it! I hope for you that you rediscover the joy in writing, soon. But I wish this because it is a good thing to feel joy, not because I wish to pressure you in any way...
thanks. I really appreciate the support. I hope the love and interest in writing does come back soon. I don't want to push it for fear I may push it away forever.