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deryni_fic's Journal

Deryni Fanfiction
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There isn't nearly enough Deryni-fic out there, and what little there is is scattered and hard to find. This community is an attempt at rectifying that.

All fiction is welcome- That means any genre (het, slash, or gen), any rating (G-NC-17), any length (Drabble through novel length), with any characters and time period (Camber to Kelson).

Please use disclaimers and standard fic headings, and friends lock any work containing adult situations- by they graphic violence or sex.

Constructive criticism and discussion are welcome. Flaming and trolling are not- If you engage in the later you'll be removed from the community.

Challenges may be posted by members or maintainers occasionally, in an attempt to generate more fic, or just spark imaginations and interest.

That's it. Come in and have fun.